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How Long does it take to received my car after payment?

It usually take 2 weeks when shipping to outside United state depend on the country, for the accurate days please kindly contact us

What Payment Method do we received?

Due to the high frequency of fraud rate we did not received credit card at the moment, We provide bank account for Wire Transfer and in case you want us to hold the car for you and pay little amount we also accept Digital currency like BITCOIN, PERFECT MONEY,  to know more please feel free to contact us

What other fees i need to pay apart from the car and the shipment fee?

We offer ”all inclusive” after the payment for the car and the shipment there is no hidden cost to be pay.

But at the delivery port buyer need to be aware of the duty tax in there country before the car can be release at their port.

Can the company hold the car for me?

In case you saw a car of your choice and you need some time to complete the payment, you can send us a message and explain when you will complete the payment, in this case we accept minimum payment of $200 to keep the car save for you till the time you complete the payment

As an international Buyer How do i text Drive the Car?

If you are buying outside United State and there is nobody you can send to our showroom to test drive the only option is to request for the CARFAX REPORT and we would send it to you for you to check the condition of the car

”To protect our reputation all the car from our company are in good condition with clean title”

Is is possible to return the car i purchase?

In some cases it is possible of the purchase can not be completed and the buyer need to return car, we can picked the car from the buyer.

But Note: The car must not more than a week of purchase and all the shipping expenses of the car back to United State would be deducted from the buyer payment.

How Long does it take to received my refund when i return car?

The refund would be initiated as soon as we confirmed the return of the car and the expenses to shipped the car back would be deducted from the payment.

Can i make payment in my local currency?

In some countries we have local account which you can make payment locally.