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Car Export Process >>>

Step 1

Select a car of your choice, Once we received your export cars request, we will assign it to one of our sales team member and we will reply with additional information requested soon

Step 2

 At this point we would need the the following information from the buyer:

1. Buyer’s legal name,  2. Passport Copy or I.D,  3. Country of citizenship

4. Phone Number

After that we will send you an official invoice with wire transfer instructions to pay for a car with shipping.

Step 3

At this point you will be contacted by our closing department. They will order abstract of title (lien search), prepare Export Documents, Original Bills of Sale and Original Title.

Step 4

Once Cars delivered to our loading facility, we begin a preparation for international shipping. Most American used cars we ship inside standard 40′ High Cube containers. We drain gas, disconnect batteries then a car is being loaded inside the 20’, 40’ HC or 45’ HC container straight or on the custom made wooden platform.

Cars For Sale USA and many cars we ship Roll-on Roll-off. Car keys are always stay in the ignition. We will Express Mail you all the original documents, you will need them for the customs clearance at destination port including:

a. Bill of Lading (BL) b. Certificate of Origin c. Certificate of Ownership (Title) d. Commercial Invoice or Bill of Sale


*All International Car Shipment at destination are subject to local GST, import and port charges. Please contact your local customs broker for more details.


We help our costumers for custom clearing in any country and we make sure you receive your car in two day after port delivery.

To improve our fast delivery service for international shipping, and to help our customers in some countries that charge a lot for duty, we handle custom clearing when we get the car to the port of destination.

Your car has arrived! Congratulations from USA Cars Exporter!

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